What Does Your Pet Need For A Trip?

Your pet needs you to help them feel comfortable in the car when you're on a road trip, and knowing some tips to keep them happy will improve both of your experiences. Prepare for your trip with your pet foremost in your mind. If you do not know how to travel with your pet in your vehicle, ask our team here at Scott Peterson Motors Inc. for advice and consider speaking with your vet as well to gain more perspective on the topic. You may need a crate or a special harness for your pet to travel in a safe and secure manner.

Bring an extra leash or harness in case there is an emergency. Bring food and water, use familiar bowls, and pack toys that they love. Make arrangements at a pet-friendly hotel or cabin if your trip is over an extended period of days. Remember to spend time with your pet and use all opportunities for exercise. Protect your vehicle by covering the seat with a blanket. Be sure you have the proper ID for your pet. Never leave your pet unattended or alone in your vehicle. With these tips you can make a successful road trip a regular occurrence.

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