The Importance of a Towing Safety Checklist

Taking the time now to check that you have followed the towing safety checklist to the letter will help keep you safer on your trip. Don't assume anything because one mistake could cause serious issues on the highway.

Use these tips when towing:

  • Make sure you know the rating of your trailer hitch and that the current load does not exceed that weight. If in doubt, always better to get a higher rated hitch.
  • Check that you have the right mirrors and that you can see all the way around the vehicles when you are in the drivers seat. The goal is to avoid as many blind spots as possible.
  • Get outside the vehicle and have someone press the brake pedal and work the lights. Make sure that they all are in working order before you leave to tow the vehicle.

Our crew at Scott Peterson Motors Inc hope these towing tips keep you safe on your next journey.

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