Time to Fix Your Car Brakes

Noises coming from your brakes are rarely a good sign. While moisture can build up causing a short squeak, extended noises usually mean that your brake pads have worn down. If you haven't had your brakes inspected in over a year and you hear a noise, it's time to get your brakes checked.

When you visit with Scott Peterson Motors Inc, we will check over your brake system thoroughly. We will make sure that your brake pads don't need to be changed and that your brake lines are flowing freely. Your brake fluid may be changed if it is old, replaced with new fluid. No matter what is going on with your brakes, Scott Peterson Motors Inc is ready to repair your brakes.

Don't ignore noises coming from your brakes when you push down on the brake pedal. If there is a grinding noise, get help for your vehicle immediately to avoid further damage to your car.

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