Interior Features of the Ford Focus ST

The Ford Focus ST is a popular compact hatchback model offering plenty of unexpected luxury features. Enjoy all the perks of owning a compact car without sacrificing the latest in comfort options.

Heated steering wheels are just one luxury touch added to the Focus, along with heated seats, cruise control, power windows and door locks, aluminum pedals and leather touches throughout the cabin. Sync your smartphone with the vehicle's entertainment system and control it from the redundant buttons on the steering wheel. An optional eight-inch touchscreen set into the dash allows for GPS navigation and Sirus XM-supported entertainment. Push-button start comes standard and offers extra convenience.

Visit Scott Peterson Motors Inc in Belle Fourche, SD for the opportunity to have a closer look at the new Ford Focus ST and even take it for a test drive. If you've got any questions, Ford specialists are on hand to guide you thought the Focus's many features.

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