Windshield Wiper Maintenance

In order to be able to see clearly out of your windshield in rainy weather, your car's windshield wipers need to be in good condition. If they are in poor condition, they will leave streaks on the the windshield that will make it more difficult for you to see.

Windshield wipers don't last forever, and you need to plan on changing them about every 12,000 miles. You will need to do it sooner if you notice that the wipers are smearing your windshield or if you notice that they are separating or coming apart. If your wipers are making a squeaking noise when they are on in wet weather, that is another indication that it is time to have the wiper blades replaced.

If you live near Belle Fourche, SD, come to Scott Peterson Motors for wiper blade replacement. The service center can change the blades and perform other important maintenance on your vehicle.

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