Ford Flex Designed to Emphasize Comfort

Whether your trip is simply across town or takes several hours, your comfort level as a driver or passenger is essential when choosing a vehicle. The Ford Flex has become one of the most popular three-row mid-size SUVs thanks to its attention to comfort.

One of the best comfort features of the handsome Ford Flex is the ergonomic design of its instruments and control panel, configured to be easily reached without stretching or contortion. With an instrument panel that can be easily read any hour of the day or night, the Ford Flex enables the driver to expend as little energy as possible in order to enjoy a comfortable ride.

Because the ground clearance of the Ford Flex is just 5.9 inches, this is a vehicle that is extremely easy to enter as well as exit. Check out all of the Ford Flex's comfort features with a test drive at Scott Peterson Motors Inc.

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