A Few Driver-Assist Technologies on the Ford Ranger

Ford has been stepping up its game for some time, and the Ranger is one of the vehicles they have updated. This midsize truck has some pretty impressive design features, and the driver-assist technology is nice, too.

RearView Camera

After you look back and check your rearview mirror a few times, you may still feel a little uncomfortable backing up. Well, this driving task can be a little easier with the rear-view camera that you can check out at Scott Peterson Motors Inc. This camera gives you a pretty good view of what's in back of you.

Auto High-Beams

Sometimes, you are driving at night in Belle Fourche, SD and need to turn on your high beams to see better. This feature will detect when oncoming traffic is coming and will automatically dim the lights to help other drivers.

When you come down for a test drive, you can explore these features and more. We're waiting for you.

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